NOV. 6, 2013, Fuji City, Japan — Solar Power Network Japan KK (SPN), Fuji City, and Kokusai Land Development have announced a partnership to develop a rooftop solar system of approximately 1.7 megawatts atop a terminal treatment plant in Fuji City. The announcement ceremony, held Tuesday, Nov. 5, was attended by Hisashi Suzuki (Mayor of Fuji City), Naomiki Kanamaru (President and CEO of Kokusai Land Development), Gary Tsuji (CFO of SPN), and Jonathan Persaud (President of SPN Japan). The system, when complete, will be grid connected with a contract under Japan’s Feed-In Tariff system.

Solar Power Network is honoured by the opportunity to provide renewable power, working with such esteemed Japanese partners. The Fuji City project will generate green energy on the buildings where it’s needed, offsetting the need for remotely generated nuclear power. The system is further designed to provide emergency power in case of natural disaster.

The new Fuji City solar power system will consist of over 4000 high-efficiency solar panels, will provide local sustainable generation capacity, providing enough electricity to power 320 homes. The system will generate over 1.27 GWh of clean energy per year. By generating that power with solar, rather than foreign coal, Fuji City is preventing the release of more than 25,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Rooftop solar systems like this one represent an important first step in the reduction of Japan’s reliance on nuclear power and on foreign gas and coal exporters.

A shortage of domestic energy resources has long been a challenge for Japan, Japan has installed enough solar power this year alone to, on a sunny day, produce more electricity than a large nuclear power plant. Solar Power Network is proud to be a part of this evolution of Japan’s electricity supply.

“I commend and thank Fuji City for taking this step towards a more sustainable and healthier Japan,” said Mr. Persaud. “I further extend gratitude to Kokusai Land & Development for partnering with SPN to bring Canadian experience to the Japanese market. It is a great honour to be a part of this new sunrise in Fuji City.”


Location Miyajima 1260 Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Fuji City Western Purification Center Water Treatment building
Business Operator Consortium of Solar Power Network Co., Ltd. and Kokusai Land & Development Co., Ltd.
Expected Output Approx. 1.7 MW
Expected Annual
Energy Production
Approx. 1,640 MWh
Numbers of Panels Approx. 4,000 pcs.


Naomiki Kanamaru (President and CEO of Kokusai Land Development),
Hisashi Suzuki (Mayor of Fuji City), Jonathan Persaud (President of SPN Japan KK)

Solar Power Network (SPN), headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is a renewable power company focused on hastening the sustainable future through existing solar technology. By installing high-yield low-angle solar panels on idle industrial, institutional and commercial rooftops, SPN generates green energy on the buildings where it is needed, offsetting the need for the remotely generated power of nuclear and fossil fuels. SPN boasts the greatest amount of electricity generated per square meter of rooftop in the industry.

Rooftop solar is a relatively young industry, making true expertise a valuable commodity. Solar Power Network has a track record built on over 1.5 million square meters of rooftops in development for solar power. Further, the SPN team is comprised of engineers with decades of experience in rooftop leasing, engineering, construction, and operations across thousands of sites in the mobile phone industry, and that expertise translates directly to rooftop solar.

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