July 23, 2014, Tokyo, JAPAN —Solar Power Network Japan K.K. (SPN), a distributed power generation company based in Tokyo and headquartered in Canada, and Komeri Co., Ltd.

(Komeri), one of the largest home improvement chains in Japan, have announced a partnership to develop 12 MW of rooftop solar power across 14 buildings owned by Komeri. SPN will design, build and operate the facilities. The systems will be grid connected with contracts under Japan’s Feed-In Tariff system and all the electricity they generate will be sold under this scheme.

The total output of the solar power systems, 12 MW, will be sufficient to power more than 3,600 typical Japanese households. By generating that power with solar, the release of more than 270,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be prevented. Part of the systems is to provide emergency power in case of natural disaster. Facilities in snow prone areas are to be equipped with special snow monitoring. All the systems are to be completed by late 2015.

“SPN is proud of building a partnership with Komeri who has an impressive, long-term green record.” said Mr. Peter Goodman, CEO and President of Solar Power Network. “The SPN’s commitment to renewable energy is also to sustain the beauty of our planet earth. SPN is excited to be part of its green initiative in Japan through Komeri’s rooftops.”

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Company Name Komeri Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Niigata City, Niigata prefecture
Industry Home improvement chains
Expected Output Approx. 12 MW
Expected Annual Energy Production Approx. 13.2MWh
Operation Start late 2015

Solar Power Network (SPN) is a privately-held, employee-owned, rooftop solar power company with offices in Tokyo and Toronto. With its mission to hasten the smart grid future, SPN has in total almost 300 MW of clean generation, in various stages of development, distributed across more than 600 industrial, commercial, and municipal buildings. It has a track record built on over 3 million square meters of rooftops in development for solar power. By installing high-yield low-angle solar panels on idle rooftops, SPN generates green energy on the buildings where it is needed, offsetting the need for the remotely generated power of nuclear and fossil fuels.

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