Tokyo, JAPAN —Solar Power Network Japan K.K. (SPN), a distributed power generation company based in Tokyo and headquartered in Canada, is pleased to announce the completion of a rooftop solar installation at the Beisia’s Isesaki Ekimae Store in Gunnma prefecture in Japan. Beisia, a super market chain, opened the store on March 13, 2015.

The output of the system is approximately 500 kW, which will meet approximately 47% of the annual electricity demand.

The project was designed, built, and developed by SPN. The facility is grid connected with contracts under Japan’s Feed-In Tariff system and all the electricity they generate is sold under this scheme to TEPCO.

One of the features of this project is to supply emergency power in case of natural disaster. Beisia signed a disaster relief agreement with municipal governments, and the Isesaki store resides with “Isesaki City Information Center” run by Isesaki city office, which will be used as a shelter for disaster refugees in the case of an emergency. The rooftop solar array will generate power during a blackout period caused by a natural disaster.

“SPN is proud to support Beisia in its initiative to support distributed generation.” said Mr. Peter Goodman, CEO and President of Solar Power Network. “One of SPN’s primary goals is to provide clean energy to local communities. SPN is delighted to help Beisia with its disaster relief scheme using renewable energy.”

SPN partnered with Beisia in 2014 to develop solar power systems on 32 Beisia stores which will generate approximately 27 MW. The Isesaki Ekimase Store is the first store completed in this partnership.





Beisia Isesaki Ekimae Store

Company Name:   Beisia Corporation

Facility Location:   Isesaki City, Gunma prefecture

Expected Output:   Approx. 514 kW

Expected Annual Energy Output:   565,400 kWh

Panels:   Polycrystal, about 2,000 panels

Panel supplier:   Hanhwa

Operation Starts:   June 1, 2015


About SPN – Beisia Solar Plant Partnership

Company Name:   Beisia Corporation

Address:   Gunnma Prefecture

Industry:   Retail

Locations/Area:   Greater Tokyo area and Chubu region

Expected Output:   Approx. 27MW

Expected Annual Energy Output:   29,700MWh

Operation Starts:   June 2015 and on