“Working with SPN has been a pleasure. It is very important to Schletter to produce as much solar power at our production facilities as possible – to be producing more energy than we consume far exceeds our expectations.” Sonja Gehrlicher, General Manager, Schletter.

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January 27, 2015, Windsor, ONTARIO —Schletter Canada, a worldwide leader in photovoltaic mounting systems, Solar Power Network (SPN), a distributed power generation company based in Canada and PowerStream, an Ontario leader in owning and operating rooftop solar generation systems, today announced the completion of a 342kW solar installation that will power Schletter’s head office in Windsor, Ontario.

Schletter manufactures a wide range of components and systems that facilitates the fastening of almost any module configuration to almost any roof. This flexibility made installing the 1,222 high efficiency panels on their metal, sloping roof (south/north pitches) doable. The partnership between Schletter, building owner Lessor Limited and SPN enables the offset of 217% of the building’s electricity consumption, with the excess 117,000kWh going to power neighbouring buildings.

“I have been pursuing solar power for years and know it is the future for more of our Windsor-Essex properties,” explained Christine Davison, President of Lessor Limited & Schletter office building owner. “I was thrilled to see this project finally come together however, having the right local partners with a similar vision really helped.”

This location will advance Ontario towards a distributed generation future, building energy independence – where the high consumers of electricity (particularly in the manufacturing sector) are targeted with high generation solar.

“Schletter is one of our key suppliers on rooftops in Ontario and Japan. Their highly configurable racking systems have allowed us to optimize power density and production, customized to the wide range of conditions we have encountered” – says Peter Goodman, President and CEO, SPN. “Powering their head office with renewable energy, enabled by the products they sell globally, is a great demonstration of their products as well as their commitment to distributed generation.”

SPN has designed and built the site in partnership with PowerStream, who will own and be responsible for maintaining the system. The completed system is grid connected with a contract under the Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff system and all the electricity generated will be sold under this program.


Solar Power Network (SPN) is a privately held, employee-owned, rooftop solar power company with offices in Toronto and Tokyo. With its mission to hasten the smart grid future, SPN has in total almost 300 MW of clean generation, in various stages of development, distributed across more than 600 industrial, commercial, and municipal buildings. It has a track record built on over 32 million square feet of rooftops in development for solar power. By installing high-yield low-angle solar panels on idle rooftops, SPN generates green energy on the buildings where it is needed, offsetting the need for the remotely generated power of nuclear and fossil fuels.

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Lessor Limited is a family-owned commercial real estate and property management company, serving the people of Windsor and Essex County. Founded in 1962, Lessor boasts over 25 office or warehouse rental opportunities in its portfolio and prides itself in being everywhere the business owner should be. This includes Pillette Village in Riverside, the Devonshire Mall area, the historic Walkerville district and even in Windsor’s Little Italy.
For more information please visit: www.lessorltd.com


The Schletter name encompasses over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of steel and aluminum products. In the last fifteen years Schletter’s 1,500 employees have globally designed, developed and produced solar mounting systems for more than 15,000 MW of installed module capacity on roofs and ground-mounted systems. In 2010, the Schletter Canada manufacturing facility was opened in Windsor, Ontario and has since delivered the mounting systems for over 3,000 solar projects in Canada, with a total of over 100 MW. For more information please visit: www.schletter.ca


PowerStream is a municipally-owned energy company that provides power and related services primarily to more than 375,000 customers residing or owning a business in communities located immediately north of Toronto and in Central Ontario. The company, jointly owned by the Cities of Barrie, Markham and Vaughan, also holds a portfolio of approximately 94 solar rooftop systems across Ontario including 32 located within the Windsor and surrounding area.