Solar Power Network (SPN) and Jarlette Health Services are announcing a partnership to develop more than 1.3MW of renewable energy

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Partisan Politics over Ontario’s Green Energy Program Is Limiting Ratepayers’ Return on Investment in Solar Development, Solar Power Network Finds

(PRESS RELEASE – October, 2011)
The sun shines on your roof… why not get paid for it?

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Solar Power Network and the Adoption Council of Ontario Join Forces for the 3rd Annual AdoptWalk.

(TORONTO – September 2011)
Solar Power Network (SPN) has partnered with the Adoption Council of Ontario (ACO) to celebrate the 3rd annual AdoptWalk fundraiser on Sunday,

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Solar Deals Put Empty Roof Space to Work

(GLOBE & MAIL – Jun 28, 2011)In a Globe & Mail article published June 28, reporter Shelley White provides an inside look at the solar power industry, featuring Solar Power Network CEO, Peter Goodman.

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Roof Rentals Prove Lucrative Sideline of Green Eenergy Act

(SUNMEDIA – Jun 2, 2011)
In an article published on June 2, journalist Sharon Singleton wrote a feature article on Solar Power Network, which ran in eight Sun publications across the province.

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