For every site, SPN obtains a power purchase contract from the Independent Electricity System Operator under the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program. Extensive work is done ensuring that maximum priority within the program rules is obtained, preparing the application, and finally securing the contract itself. For more information on the details of the FIT program and the preparatory work done for each application, please visit the Feed-In Tariff page in our Securing a Power Contract section.


After the IESO has awarded a power purchase contract to a site, the local distribution company must still perform an analysis and determine if there is sufficient distribution and transmission capability to handle an electricity generating rooftop in the area. This includes one or more impact assessments regarding how the connection of a new generator will affect the local electricity grid.

SPN does extensive pre-screening of load and constrainment issues during initial rooftop evaluation, making this step largely a formality for our partners. To this day, SPN has a perfect 100% track record on connection approvals.


As part of the pre-application preparation, SPN secures an extensive structural engineering assessment by an independent professional engineer of each building, to determine if any structural reinforcements are necessary to support the load for the solar system. Now a complete engineering design is undertaken, including any required reinforcements. SPN engages the Local Distribution Company during engineering and uses creativity and innovation to optimize the green energy produced on each rooftop.

Approvals from the municipality and the Electrical Safety Authority are also acquired. Because of our constant engagement with all stakeholders, from the municipality to the LDC to the building owner, SPN sites are expertly engineered and easily approved.


During construction, SPN is kind to every roof. Foot traffic is minimized, Styrofoam padding is used to protect all work areas, and external scaffolding is used to prevent wear on the existing roof access system. No rooftop penetrations are required on flat roofs, and existing electrical service is entirely unaffected.
The entire job, from the moment the crew arrives until the day the last worker leaves the property, can take as few as four weeks, and no more than seven, depending on the size and type of roof. At no time is there any need to interrupt the normal daily operation of the business. To date, 100% of SPN partners say, after construction is complete, that they would recommend SPN to other building owners.

Finally, the site is connected to the grid and green energy begins to flow.


Once the system is connected to the grid, the  Independent Electricity System Operator issues a notice of Commercial Operation Date, and lease payments from SPN to the building owner begin.