What size of rooftop qualifies for SPN program?

Your roof must be a minimum of 20,000 sq ft per property ie. two 20,000 sq ft rooftops on the same property would qualify. Rooftops must be flat or if sloped, must be south facing.

What is Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff Program?

The Ontario Government’s Green Energy Act outlines a significant commitment to the future of renewable energy generation in the province. The Independent Electricity System Operator’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Program is a cornerstone of the Green Energy Act. Those who participate in the program are paid a fixed-price for electricity they generate over a 20-year contract period.
Solar Power Network offers customers a straightforward lease agreement that turns their unused rooftop space into a source of revenue. By joining the Solar Power Network, customers agree on a payment plan structure, with no up-front costs. Solar Power Network’s extensive engineering experience means a long-term rooftop management process as well as panels installed without rooftop penetration. For more information, please visit the Independent Electricity System Operator’s FIT Program website

How much does it cost to install rooftop panels with Solar Power Network?

Quite simply, there is no capital outlay required from the building owner. By signing a lease with Solar Power Network, there are no costs to initiate, manage, install and maintain your rooftop solar project. Solar Power Network leases the unused rooftop space from you, paying you through the agreed payment plan—creating an additional stream of revenue for your organization.

How is Solar Power Network different than other companies who have approached me?

Solar Power Network has extensive experience in rooftop management, engineering and construction. Our team of experienced engineers understands how to maximize the use of your rooftop to create energy, while minimizing the impact on the structure. Solar Power Network’s experience also allows us to be the best business partner due to our unmatched rooftop maintenance care program, while offering the most straightforward payment programs and lease agreements in the industry.

How do I know if rooftop solar is right For my business?

Solar Power Network has the right engineering, construction and rooftop management experience to turn unused rooftop space on commercial and industrial buildings into sources of power generation. Rooftop solar with Solar Power Network is a low-risk, high-reward addition to your organization’s green commitment and your bottom line. Joining the network is a commitment to a kinder way to power our future through renewable energy.

Will your solar installation damage my roof?

Solar Power Network’s design, equipment and installation process not only comply with roof system warranties, but also do not impact the integrity of the roof’s membrane. In fact, solar panels on rooftops shade the roof membrane from ultraviolet rays, prolonging roof life and reducing cooling loads on buildings throughout the summer. However, before any panels are placed on a roof, a comprehensive analysis is completed and a building permit for the installation is obtained as part of the overall roof management plan.
Additionally, Solar Power Network uses the latest technology and equipment that do not require rooftop penetrations or reinforcements, we limit and control the foot traffic on rooftop during the installation and maintenance phases, and we have the lightest structural load requirements in the industry.

Are there any insurance or property tax concerns?

Ontario’s rooftop solar industry, including Solar Power Network, has not encountered any insurance or property tax related concerns with the use of rooftop space for solar power generation. However, Solar Power Network insures all equipment used in all rooftop solar systems so that the company and the building owners are protected. Should any insurance or tax related costs arise, Solar Power Network’s insurance would cover any portion that is directly related to the presence of the solar system.
We have completed a detailed list of insurance questions that should address any concerns; please contact us for a copy. We will cover any increases in property taxes resulting from the installation of our equipment. However, we don’t expect this to be the case.

What happens if I need to repair a leak?

We will temporarily remove one string (12-16 panels) up to a maximum of 4 times during the 20 year lease, at no charge, in the event that a leak in the roof needs to be repaired. We will respond within a few hours, 7-days a week, in emergency situations. As well, we will remove the entire panel system once during the 20 year lease, should you have to replace your roof system.

What if repairs are needed to HVAC units?

At Solar Power Network, we make future access and maintenance of your roof a simple process. The system is designed and installed in order to enable easy access to rooftop equipment that requires servicing.

When do I receive my first payment?

If the lease is based on monthly payments, the first months rent will be paid on the first day of construction. Upfront payments will be made 90 days after Commercial Operation Date (COD).

Will I save on my utilities?

Our metering and billing are separate from yours. You will continue to be billed based on readings from your own existing meter. Our model is based upon a Landlord/Tenant relationship. We are renting your roof space.

Will it affect the sale of my building?

When the new owner takes possession of the building they assume any lease agreements and rental income obtained from that agreement. This additional monthly income usually results in a higher value for your property when you sell it.

What happens at the end of the 20 years?

We will remove the solar installation and return your roof to the same condition it was in prior to the installation.

What equipment does solar power network use?

We are continuously sourcing suppliers who are industry leaders. Across all aspects of the solar installation process, we work with partners who offer the latest technology and competitive pricing.