Power Generated Locally for Local Consumption

The distributed power generation model that SPN embraces, in which energy is produced locally at the point of demand, is the foundational building block of the smart grid of the future. Embedding green energy generation within the community eliminates the need for expensive and inefficient long-distance power transmission. This model puts power in the hands of the community, while simultaneously increasing the flexibility, efficiency, and reliability of the entire energy grid.

SPN sources only the highest-efficiency solar panels available. Because SPN is not a panel manufacturer, we can hand pick the best products on the market at that moment for your rooftop installation.

No Penetrations Required on Flat Roofs

During installation, SPN uses an innovative approach that mounts the panels at a dramatically lower angle than other developers, lowering the wind profile of the installation. The result is a decreased need for heavy ballasting, allowing us to install on virtually any rooftop.

An SPN rooftop solar array requires absolutely zero penetration of the roof membrane and, because of weight savings from the low-angle panels, produces a static load of just 3 to 5 pounds per square foot (75% less than most competitors). The mounting system is designed so that routine rooftop maintenance is unimpeded and existing roof warranties are preserved.