Rental Income from Rooftop Tenancy

SPN is a tenant, plain and simple. We lease unused rooftop space, with a generous compensation plan tailored to owner needs. All further expenses related to the development of a solar array on this idle rooftop are covered by SPN.

No Change to your Electricity Bill

Each SPN installation has its own power inverter and its own generation meter. Power flows off the array, through the generation meter, and then connects to the grid entirely independent of the building’s existing electrical system and consumption meter. This setup ensures that the building owner’s energy bill is completely unaffected by the install.

No New Expenses Incurred by Building Owner

Further, SPN works to ensure that there is no additional labour or expense required to perform routine rooftop maintenance due to the installation. We provide partial panel removal at our expense up to 4 times over the lifetime of the installation to enable rooftop maintenance by the building owner, and will remove all panels once to enable roof replacement. SPN will also make whole any existing rooftop warranties.

“SPN’s rooftop solar panel program allows Reko to protect the environment for our employees and their families, an important consideration for our family-oriented business. SPN’s value proposition of: harnessing renewable power generation; monetizing an otherwise unproductive asset; and no out-of-pocket costs to Reko also represented a smart and prudent business decision. Reko is proud to participate with SPN in their program and encourages others in the local area to investigate the possibility of doing the same.”
– Carl Merton, Chief Financial Officer, Reko International Group Inc.