“Being a locally owned and operated independent theatre, we’ve always been naturally focused on the community. This isn’t just where we do business, it’s where we live. And so partnering with SPN to produce green energy locally for local consumption is a perfect fit for Lakeshore.”

Gina Facca
General Manager, Lakeshore Cinemas

Location: Windsor
Industry: Entertainment
Panels: 1092 high-efficiency Silfab panels, manufactured in Mississauga
Output: 289 kilowatts
Company Profile:

Lakeshore Cinemas is a locally owned and operated independent theatre in Windsor. The 10-screen multiplex opened in 2005 and has been serving the local community mainstream and independent films ever since. Located next to a bookstore in a quiet neighbourhood by the shores of Lake St. Clair, the theatre caters primarily to families and seniors with frequent matinees and comfortable seats.

Site-Specific Challenges:

As an active cinema, with films playing through the day and into the night, Lakeshore Cinemas was particularly sensitive to the issue of noise and other disturbance being caused by the install process. SPN was able to successfully monitor which screens were active at any given time and map that to corresponding roof areas that needed to be avoided. No customers reported any instances of the construction infringing on their moviegoing experience. SPN’s standard practise of off-site panel assembly also meant that the ground footprint of the construction operation was so small as to not interfere with parking or customer access to the facilities.