“We are very proud to work along side Solar Power Network, in contributing both clean and efficient energy to Ontario’s electrical grid. With no upfront costs to us and no structural impact to our rooftop it was an easy decision for us make”.

Paolo Fontana
Co-owner and General Manager, Plaza Ontario

Plaza Ontario Case Study
Location: Windsor
Industry: Retail
Panels: 910
Output: 230 kilowatts
Company Profile:

Plaza Ontario Marble and Tile Inc. is a leading flooring retailer and installer, based in Windsor, ON. Founded by business partners, Jose (Joe) Soares and Antonio Fontana, in 1971. Now led by Joe Soares and Antonio’s son, Paolo Fontana, Plaza Ontario has always stood for superior flooring products, designed with the customer’s taste in mind, priced competitively and backed by unparalleled customer service. With a clear vision for the future, Plaza Ontario joined Solar Power Network, a growing network of like-minded business owners who are converting their unused rooftop space into a source of green revenue.

Site-Specific Challenges:

At the beginning of the project, Solar Power Network engineers evaluated the restrictions that the existing design and structure of the roof presented, as well as the restrictions caused by the existing roof mounted mechanical equipment, along with a desire by the owners to not have the solar panels impact the curbside appearance of the building. Through the engineering process, SPN engineers were tasked with identifying the best method to achieve the highest density of panels, without compromising the integrity or appearance of the building structure.

SPN engineers identified, presented and employed a truly innovative design solution. This solution used industry-leading, high-performance, high density panels, in conjunction with a high density, low roof loading roof mount racking system that required no penetrations to the roof membrane during installation . Once installed, this solution resulted in a low profile panel angle which achieves maximum generating capacity, no structural impact and no visual impact.

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