“I am pleased with the relationship we have established with Solar Power Network and the entire implementation process of bringing these projects to life at both Arlen Tool and PM Plastics. We are proud to participate in this clean and safe alternative source of energy and encourage others in the community to explore the possibility of taking the same steps”.

Wayne Martinuik
General Manager, PM Plastics

Arlen Tool/PM Plastics Case Study
Location: Windsor
Industry: Manufacturing
Panels: 1688 high-efficiency Silfab panels, manufactured in Mississauga
Output: 406 kilowatts
Company Profile:

Arlen Tool, an all-Canadian tooling company, was founded in Windsor in 1974 and then, in 1989, PM Plastics was spun off as a company of its own. Both companies enjoy a long history of innovation and social engagement that has earned them a broad and loyal customer base of top-tier companies in the automotive sector and beyond. Partnering with SPN to convert their unused rooftop into a clean and renewable energy source is just the latest example of their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Site-Specific Challenges:

The PM Plastics building has a high-seamed steel roof that is incompatible with standard panel mounting technology. This complication was compounded by SPN’s commitment to minimizing aesthetic impact without penetrating roof membranes.

SPN was able to overcome this challenge by designing a system that clamped the solar racking system to the roof seams. A riser was then used on each panel to achieve the optimal panel angle. The final installation is entirely unnoticeable from street level.