“Solar Power Network was low-key, factual, and well-prepared. There was no pressure and no hype. They provided a local presence and a team of partners I recognized and immediately felt comfortable with. Being in the installation business myself, I am acutely aware of quality standards on the jobsite. The SPN team was working right outside my office window. I saw it all, and it was in every way a first class act.”

Randy Cyr
President, R. J. Cyr

Location: Windsor, Ontario
Industry: Design, Fabrication, and Installation
Panels: 988 high-efficiency Silfab panels, manufactured in Mississauga
Output: 262 kilowatts
Company Profile:

R. J. Cyr Co. is a family-owned design, fabrication and installation company with a history in Windsor stretching back to 1958. From its humble beginnings building conveyors in a bus barn, the company has grown into an industry leader in conveying equipment, cranes, monorails, and specialty steel fabrication. Their products and services complement the renewable energy, infrastructure, agriculture, aeronautical, automotive, processing and manufacturing industries.

Site Specific Challenges

R. J. Cyr Co. has occupied this building for forty years. In that time, the needs of the business have changed several times, resulting in extensive modifications and additions to their building, including a long-since redundant superstructure on the roof. This structure was placing an unnecessary load on the rooftop and negatively impacting the appearance of the building. SPN was able to offset much of the costs of a roof refurbishment through the value of the lease, allowing for a more desirable solar array layout while also helping meet the business’s need to address their roof system. This better optimization of total available roof area resulted in an increase in installed solar panels and the business benefitted from a completely refreshed roof envelope.

A further challenge and opportunity for the site is that because it is directly visible from a major highway, the appearance of the building potentially falls under the scrutiny of the Ministry of Transportation which has regulations on the impact of possible distractions (including solar panels) on road safety. This location also provides an excellent position for R.J. Cyr brand recognition through signage. Due to the low panel angle used on SPN projects, no additional approval process was necessary, as would have been the case with a traditional high angle install; and with the roof refurbishment the building again presents the large visible R.J. Cyr signage very well.